Regency passion that defies all rules…

BRAND NEW: The Lord's Burning Desire

She broke his heart in the past. Now, he will destroy everything she loves…

Could she let an old flame burn her twice?

Kate Gardner has no wish to marry. After she broke off her betrothal four years ago, every hope of love died within her. Now, she has devoted her life to her father’s tea business; the only thing that makes her happy.

Until a mysterious fire in the warehouse comes to destroy all her dreams.

Rafe Ravenel is the ultimate rake. He enjoys his scandalous lifestyle and doesn’t plan to settle down. After all, the only woman he ever loved shattered his heart into pieces. So, when an opportunity comes to hurt her back he doesn’t hesitate.

He will offer financial support to Gardners, but with the ultimate goal to destroy their business.

Yet, this plan will be proved too risky to handle. For one moment again with Kate is enough to make him lose his mind.

And as the two of them are getting close, their old flame starts burning again. What will happen when Rafe gets even for what Kate did to him in the past?

Will this fire warm their hearts or burn them to their flesh?

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Maya Ross

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Maya Ross writes sweet, fun, action-packed Regency romance novels. A retiree by day, novelist by night, she received her bachelor of arts in English language and literature from Duke University. A Chicago native, she is a lover of naps, cookie dough, and skiing. When not writing, she can be found haunting local bookstores.

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